What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing offers the ability to acquire vast, scalable computing resources on demand. It is revolutionizing the way in which data is stored and analysed. The dynamic approach to analysis offered by cloud computing has become important due to the growth of “big data”: the large, often complex, data sets now being created in almost all fields of activity, from healthcare to e-commerce. However, companies in the US and worldwide are facing a huge skills gap, that is preventing them from realizing the business benefits from cloud computing.

Opportunities in Cloud Computing:

“7 Million New Cloud Computing Jobs by 2018”

According to a Forbes review of an IDC report, sponsored by Microsoft, demand for “cloud-ready” IT workers will “grow by 26% annually through 2018. IDC expects that as many as 7 million new cloud-related jobs will be available worldwide by that time”. The author of the IDC report (Cushing Anderson) says that “Unlike IT skill shortages in the past, solving this skills gap is extremely challenging, given that cloud brings a new set of skills, which haven’t been needed in the past.”