About BSc IT IMS Course

B.Sc Infrastructure Management System (IMS) is designed and developed to cater to the growing requirement of Qualified & trained Non Engineering Gradutes who can be recruited by IT Employers. Only 25% of the almost 1 million Engineering graduates passing out every year from the 3300 engineering colleges are employable. Companies spend a large amount of money and time to train the campus selected employees who require critical skills to perform well on the job. However there is a high attrition in this segment, almost 20% of these campus recruited engineers resign their jobs in pursuit of higher salaries in 2 years.
This perennial problem has forced a re-think on the hiring strategy by many employers. They prefer to recruit Non Engineering graduates who are already trained and qualified in the IT IMS technologies because these graduates are known to serve longer in their jobs and are also they are readily deployable on projects from the “First Day, First Hour”.

B.Sc IT IMS from IIHT is recognized and recommended by industry experts for global IMS requirements. Designed purely as an industry driven program, BSc IT IMS equips the students with a wide range of IMS skills required by the employers. This course is a right mix up of IMS technology in demand and highly sought after IMS skill sets