Royal University of Business and Technology


Royal University of Business and Technology is the brainchild of Somali Intellectuals who aspire to establish premier higher learning institution that offers professional business courses in various disciplines, namely: Management, Accounting, FinanceandTechnology. The courses are designed with professional practice in mind and introduce learners to the rigors of professional practice in the respective fields.  The institution is located in serene environment in Garowe with facilities designed to match the best in higher education world over. The institution deliberately hires highly qualified faculty to deliver its mission.

Pioneers of the institution engaged qualified and experienced consultants in developing a curriculum, teaching and learning materials, policies and systems for the University. The curriculum designers specifically considered the unique nature and contextual background of Somalia with regards to cultural, religious, traditional and other norms held by the wider Somali community and the National higher education policies in place.

The University has invested heavily in infrastructure required to offer the courses to enable the students learn hands-on skills as well as create room for personal development and innovation at their levels.

A well-stocked library, modern classrooms as well as ICT computer labs provide an exciting learning environment for students.Besides teaching, students will be exposed to the industry through industrial visits as well as organized career development and mentorship  programmes within the Institution.

The pioneers intend to make tertiary and higher education accessible to every citizen in order to have an empowered nation. Thus, the institution’s fee is set to affordable levels in line with the quality and opportunities accorded to the learners.